Monday, 15 March 2010

Scottish Rugby is more intelligent than Scottish Football

Scottish Rugby is more intelligent than Scottish Football
No wonder our rugby side over performs, and our football side under performs.
The rugby side and set up is full of educated, dynamic, forward thinking, people wh0 plan for every world cup and plan for every match with detail.
Scotland despite having far less money and player base than Wales or Ireland have qualified for the quarter finals of every single Rugby world cup, and won 3 grand slams. Wales and Ireland have not qualified for knockout stages on more at least 2 occasions each. I am not boasting about this as it is tough to get past the group stages.
But you have to ask why have Scotland over performed?
Meanwhile in football we have failed to qualify for the knockout stages of any world cup despite having some of the best players in the game at various periods. Such as Kenny Dalglish, Dennis Law, Jimmy Johnstone, Jim Baxter, Souness, Hansen etc:.
The reason for this the preparation, training, attitude, intelligence of Scottish rugby is better.
A good example of the difference is in that in 1954 Scotland qualified for their first world cup and brough warm jumpers on the basis the world cup was in Switzerland and that as Switzerland was full of mountains the country would be cold. In reality it was a hot summer tournamernt and Scotland got walloped 7-0 in their first game.
Meanwhile for the 2003 rugby world cup the Scotland rugby side even trained in the hot greenhouse in London to get use to the climate of Australia.
Scottish rugby is dynamic and innovative inventing the sevens tournament, playing in the first world cups, taking part in every rugby European cup, being founder members of the celtic league. In the professional era quickly recognizing that their semi pro club sides were not capable, they quickly set up pro sides to compete.
Compare this Scottish football, not playing in the first world cups, or European championships, an attitude of fear and mocking of change and innovation.
An attitude from the fans of mocking any new ideas, calling new ideas nerdy, or mad, or idiotic, even if these ideas happened in the past. Also an awful inferiority complex of not wanting to do anything that is not done in England. On the fear that the English fans might mock us if we do many new ideas.
How bizarre is it that Glasgow and Edinburgh play in a European rugby league (the celtic league) but Celtic and Rangers fans mock and pour scorn on any notion of Celtic and Rangers attempting to create a Western European super league on the notion that traveling long distances it too hard.
The Scottish rugby union managed to create clubs to play in the British and Irish rugby cup trophy too. Too them it seemed pereclty seisble som,e players want to to test themslcves against players from around the British Isles. Worth a try after all a dynamic sport should try new ideas.

Yet when I put forward my idea of a football Great British cup I was told by the ill informed football fans that small clubs with a few thousand fans would be unable to travel long distances and that they would go bankrupt with such incredible journeys to far away lands like Yeovil and Doncaster. Even though little old ladies travel on bus journey from Glasgow to London every week. Or that no one would watch them games even though the anglo scottish cup broke attrendances records in the 70s.

My jaw drops at the lack of creativity, ambition, innovation and conservative nature of Scottish football fans.
So as well as sectarianism, and obbsession with Engliosh football the lack of intelligence, and innovation in Scottish football in another reason we fail to do out best with pour resources.
Who on earth would have though we have Scottish rugby sides playing a European league before Celtic and Rangers.

No doubt some boring old firm fan will claim oh but we do have some big ideas. We could join the English league. Or some other tedious quitter mentality idea. Maybe Scottish rugby is better of just being played by the better educated.
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