Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The 2009 North Britain cup

Hello and welcome to the 2009. North of Britain Cup final.
Second leg.

Ilkeston Town F.C V Ayr United F.C

Ilkeston Town F.C of the Conference North played Ayr United of the Scottish second division in the North Britain Cup.

The final watched by a capacity cheering on the teams to decide who are the champions of North Britain.

Ilkeston is a town within the Borough of Erewash, in Derbyshire, England. It lies on the River Erewash, from which the local borough takes its name. Its population is around 37,000. Its major industries were traditionally coal mining, iron working and lace making / textiles, but these have all but disappeared in the last few decades. The town is close to both Derby and Nottingham and is near to the M1 motorway. Although Ilkeston lies within Derbyshire, it is closer to Nottingham.

north britain cup

Now this cup final did not really happen. But it could happen, if my idea of these sort of teams playing against eachother happens. A North Britain cup played between Scottish second division teams and sides from the conference North.