Saturday, 6 March 2010

Glasgow Celtic would be picked on in English league

I am not being anti English here or sectarian here. I am speaking a fact of life.
Does anyone think a Scottish club would be allowed to win the English league or win any serious trophies?

It is the English league. Do you think proud Englishmen would be happy for Glasgow Celtic to win their league? Do you think fans English fans who wave the English and British flags and cheer on their English national side in national games and club trophies. Do you think they would be happy for a side waving Irish flags representing Scotland to win their trophies?
It would be as unlikely as an Englishman supporting Ac Milan against Man Utd in the European cup final. England is like any other nation in this respect.
Any issue of bias in the Scottish league would pale into insignificance in the English league.
We Scottish are in two way mindset over the issue of Britain sometuimes we see ourselves as British and Scottish, sometimes just Scottish. So when some Celtic fans make a statement Ireland, or World war one, or over wars fought by Britain that does not often anger us as much as it would an English side.

Any issues of bias in Scotland would place into insignificance in league where you are see as a Scottish side who wave Irish flags and have had connections to Irish republicanism in the past.
We Scots do not have some passionate pride in Empire.
Look at the way some English columnists reacted to recent Celtic fan issues on the controversy over remembrance day. Do you think the English would not react?
How would Millwall, Leeds Chelsea react to Celtic. How would the elites - establishment of England react to a Scottish team who wave Irish flags and have some controversial fans in their midst.
Celtic would become the most unpopular club in England.
What you face in Scotland would be noting And you would have longer journeys win any trophies or qualify for European matches.
My idea is European league where there is not this issue of are you British etc?
I have not said anything sectarian or anti English. I am proud of Celtic as a Scottish club but it would be agony for them in England. I assure you. The controversy around Celtic would be enormous, and this would be nationwide controversy.
You would not be the plucky Scottish side, with great fans who have a love affair with Liverpool, and many other English sides, you would be the controversial Scottish side who sing controversial songs, about Britain. A Scottish side in the English league waving Irish flags, with an element of their support doing controversial stuff on remembrance day, and on special days in Britain. How many trophies would you win? You would win as many trophies as Red Star Belgrade would if they joined the Croatian league.
You would be as popular as Partizan Belgrade in the Croatian league.
The better idea is to cut the number of games in the SPL to 22, then form a mini league with smaller nations across Europe just put your mind to it for more than few weeks. Go back to Uefa time after time to get it done.
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