Friday, 12 March 2010

How Hamilton or Airdruie can win the SPL.

In the present set up no teams of Hamiltons side can every win the SPL. What is needed is way teams of that ilk can get 10 million a year in tv money, and crowds of 20,000. Well if they played in the EPL they would get this. Yet if they played in the EPL they could not play in the SPL.
So what is needed is for Hamilton to be able to play in a league where they crowds of 20,000 and 10 mill tv contracts while still playing in the SPL.
Hey presto my Western European Super league idea.
If Hamilton got promoted just to division one under a great boss they would get huge crowds against teams like Bruge, Rapid Vienna, Boavista etc: they would get the tv contract and the big crowds and be able to challenge the old firm.

The present set up will never see sides even like Hearts win a title, let alone Hamilton, so we need to change the set up cut the league to 22 games a season, then in second half the season play a western european super league (from all the small western european countries such as Portugal Holland etc?) of 3 divisions, of 20 games a year, good Scottish sides other than the SPL could get promoted to this .
This would enable ambitious Scottish sides to challenge for european trophies like even Fulham and Bolton can from England.