Sunday, 7 March 2010

Celtic would be picked on in English football league

The issue of what a club from Scotland waving Irish flags would be treated like in England has to addressed. I am fed up with Celtic fans saying they should leave Scotland because they claim the "establishment" are against them and then in the next breath wanting to join the English league, which is politically a far more right wing, far more middle class, far more patriotic about the Empire and far more monarchist nation.
How are Celtic going to find it easier to put forward their values, their views, their clubs imagery, and songs about Irish history, in such a league. They are a Scottish club who wave Irish flags, have history connected to Republicanism, Irish history, and a small number of fans who have done controversial issues over remembrance day, and other issues.

How are Leeds, Chelsea, Millwall or middle class Tory Southern English towns going to react to Celtic? Southern English towns are very nationalistic and largely very died in the wool tory.
Celtic fans live in this grass is "greener" on the other side oh English people will love us attitude.
Scotland is a left wing more working class country, with a large history of secular republicanism. Plus it does have a large independence movement. With some in Scotland being passionately against the concept of Britain as a nation. So making statements about Irish history and Britain, England, abuses buy the British empire, the Queen does not spark the same level of controversy in Scotland as it would in England.
England is a more right wing nation especially the south with a history of loving the monarchy, a patriotism and pride in the British Empire. How are Celtic going to be treated playing there?
What Celtic should do is cut the numbers of games int he SPL to 22 games, and try and create a European league, with other small European nations. A league where no one cares if they wave Irish flags or have issues with republicanism, or the royalty.
Celtic would be a foreign club with foreign values in the English league. They would not be the establishment club. In Scotland we have Hibernian and Dundee United, with similar support to Celtic. As well as largely working class towns, whose culture is like that of Celtic. What is their like that in England? It would be Glasgow Celtic versus the rest. The foreign club in the English league.
English people have told me they would be furious if a Scottish or Welsh side won and English trophy.
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western european league would help stop domination