Monday, 15 March 2010

BBC 606 website has out me off football fans

I never would have believed this a few months ago but it really is true football fans tend to be more unreasonable rude, offensive ill mannered, than rugby fans, from what I have seen on the BBC 606 website. While rugby fans tend to be reasonable, intelligent and open to serious debate.
I went on the football 606 and rugby 606 on the BBC websites over the last few months and posted some of my ideas for reform in the games. And the difference in how people communicated and welcomed new ideas was like night and day.
Whenever I put forward any article no matter how nerdy structural, and surely therefore uncontroversial the football fans would post abusive messages with straight swear words. I would then delete these abusive posters posts and then be greeted for weeks by the same people coming back time after time, like I was their pet project for abuse, insulting me and then complaining about how unfair it was I deleted their abusive bizarre ranting posts.
On the football 606 website people would simply greet my ideas with comments like "call the mental asylum, "not you again" "do you have to post this idea all the time" (even though there are 100s of articles a day posted on 606, and they had no real need to read my posts) "you're an idiot" "you're mad" "the mods need to ban you" "nurse another ones escaped". I would then get into slanging matches with these people, because I feel the need to respond back. And ended up feeling mentally exhausted miserable having wasted my time arguing with complete fools, and being none the wiser.
The football fans would then drumb into me bizarre ignorant points, that they seriously believe such as that ;
1) Grown men in the physical peak are unasble to get on coaches and travel down to Yeovil, or any other English town, from Scotland, as this would bankrupt them or leave dead through psychical exhaustion from travel. Even though old ladies can get on buses and travel from Glasgow to London every week.
2) That no one would be interested in watching a European league with games like Celtic V Porto or Ajax V Benfica. The person knew this as he once had a minor job at a bankrupt TV company that ran rights for games like Hamilton V Falkirk (I like those two clubs but they do not compare to Benfica or Porto). This seemed to leave the impression on him that every single TV - football idea is unworkable. As he spent ages lecturing me that his very minor jobs in a collapsed TV company made him an expert on all TV matters. He would leave deeply abusive posts about my idea. And therefore this in his view, this enabled him to use foul language on me for disagreeing with him. Before once again lecturing me over and over again for deleting his foul mouthed rants. Where he would be joined by his other troll pals who would equally rant and rave at me before complaining about me deleting their abusive posts. It was utterly bizarre. People who claimed they did not want to read my posts would come back day after to read my posts and tell me what terrible person I was for deleting their abusive posts. They would then complain to the moderators. Yet even more bizarrely the 606 online website has a rule that you are not allowed to delete to many comments, even if they are abusive, so I was the one who ended up getting in the moderators bad books.

Meanwhile every time I made a comment about rugby, the rugby fans simply greeted my comments with serious respect and put forward their own views in a polite manner. They did not feel the need to swear. If they disagreed they just put forward different view in an articulate manner. The discussions were polite with a good nature. That is except of-course when the football fans found my posts via would you believe in my member page, which they specifically had to look up, they would then troll onto the rugby board, and once again would then turn the argument to an abusive slanging match.
My jaw has dropped at this discovery.
I do not mean this was once off. I mean every single rugby fan was polite. While around 95% of football fans were rude aggressive, passionate in trying to humiliate me, passionately asking the moderator to get me banned for simply disagreeing with them, or arguing back. There then the other type of irritant who read my slanging matches and would always come down in favour of the people who had insulted me first because I had deleted their more abusive posts I was responding too, so they decided to join in on blaming me.

The whole group tended to behave like typical bullies where loads of then would gang up on me 3 or 4 at a time and take pleasure saying things like hey lads come over here take a look at this one, before congratulating eachother on abusive posts. When I deleted their posts, pathetically they would once again post numerous posts lecturing me once again on how unfair it was I had deleted their posts and how they would report me to the moderator for made so many deletions.
Other would leave just simply abusive comments only without explanations for their opinion.
The football fans on BBC 606 online were in general odious odious aggressive bullying vindictive petty trivial sinister people desperate to have anyone they disagreed with banned, while bizarrely tolerating often racist and politically incorrect articles.
That is another bizarre thing other users of 606 seemed to find it OK to post some bizarre politically incorrect racialist, sectarian articles and comments, but then seemed to be emotionally agonized at someone posting rather nerdy posts about Scottish football reorganization.

I am not using 606 again. I feel emotionally drained bitter, brow beaten, humiliated, depressed, beaten after using the service. Worst of all that will please those bullied me there. The rugby fans are OK the football fans on BBC 606 just sapp any energy out of you.
The Scottish football fans, English football fans and Welsh football fans were all the same though. The mentality of Scottish football fans needs to improve. I suppose England can get buy with their tonnes of cash. But Scottish football will go knowhere with this energy sapping attitude.
I will still argue for my ideas though as nothing would irritate them more than my ideas happening.

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