Sunday, 7 March 2010

Many small nations have 10 to 12 teams in their league

Many small nations have 10 to 12 teams in their league.
Over the recent debate over whether we should have a 12, 18, 20 team league you get alot of ill informed people saying "but no other nations have 10 or 12 teams in their league". They then say "every other league in the world has 16, 18 or 20 teams in the league".
This just shows the mindset and arrogance of some ignorant people who do not even read things before the make such wild statements.
It is largely followers of the big western European nation leagues who think every other league in the world is like theirs, and that they do not even bother to check up this is true. The followers of the major leagues are so arrogant they just presume any statement they make will be true without checking their facts first. This shows most people who follow football do not study football in any detail, apart from looking at the Italian, Spanish, German, English and French leagues.
The fact is Scotland is not the size of any of these nations, so to look at the leagues and look to those as the structure of our leagues is not sensible.

The fact is the leagues most like Scotland, in terms of population, and football interest, which are probably Denmark, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria, and Albania. Norway and Croatia have 16 team leagues, but of all the others I just mentioned they all have 10 or 12, or 14 team leagues. Finland has 14. Austria and Switzerland have 10, Denmark has 12, Slovenia has 10 and Slovakia has 12.
In fact in the British Isles Northern Ireland has 10, the republic of Ireland has 10 and even the Welsh league is not going to a 12 team league.
SO when people say

Danish Superliga has 12 teams.

Here is how many teams are in each league