Saturday, 17 July 2010
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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Have a trophy between reserve SPL sides and lower division sides

I have an idea fopr a trophy cvaslled the North Britain open an idea for SPL reserve sides to play against lower divsion SFL and non league teams to help develop Scottish soccer.
As we all know the 3 European sides of Germany, the Netherlands and Spain have all reached the top 3 places in the world cup of 2010. Surely it is is no coincidence that these sides allow their big clubs reserve teams to play in the lower divisions of their leagues.
We should do the same in our country so that our top young players struggling to get to Celtic and Rangers first team can get to play real sides too. Here is an idea for Scottish football.
Have the 12 SPL reserve sides play against the 10 first teams of the third divison and some non league sides in a trophy league format.
In the old days the best Scottish young player would get into the Celtic team no problem as he only had other Scottish players in his way nowadays the best Scottish player might struggle. Simply because a great foreign player is in the way. So now we need some system so that the top SPL sides can play their young players with potential in another trophy where they can develop.
In Spain and Germany the second team are run as different squads so Bayern Munich II, and Real Madrid B Barcelona B play almost as different sides. I do not think any Scottish sides other than Rangers and Celtic could afford two separate squads. So my view is we should just play the old reserve style squads we used in the past. Where a player can move week in week out from reserve to first team. So that clubs like Hamilton and Dundee would not have to pay for two squads of players, and still give their younger players another chance.
To ensure clubs did not play their first team in the reserve team trophy and that this trophy was used to develop young players rules could be used such as a rule that if as a player has played in a SPL match in the last week he cannot play in the North Britain cup. And that only 5 over 25 year olds are allowed in each squad. This would ensure you would not simply have Celtic playing their first team against sides, and that they would not tire out young players.

My format would be have have 12 SPL reserve teams, 10 third division teams and 14 non league sides from Scotland and Northern England, and 4 other reserve teams invited from other countries. The teams to invite could be Newcastle United reserves, Man Utd reserves, Sunderland reserves or the Shetlands, or even under 21 teams from Ajax and other countries.
Creating a format of 40 teams.
There would be 4 groups of 10. Each team plays eachother once. As in the six nations of rugby. Teams would play 9 matches in the group stage. I admit there would controversy over whether you play 4 or 5 home games in the group. But remember this is not a trophy about getting attendances and in the SFA cup you can have a different number of home and away games by luck of the draw.
The aim is to qualify for the final 16.
The top 4 teams of each group go through to the final 16. A straight one tie knockout then takes place until the final which is two legs.
In total teams will play 9 games if they don't get past the group stages.
Plus 5 matches if they get through all the group matches.
I think, this would allow teams to play younger reserve team players against other real sides as they do in Germany and Spain without having to place reserve sides in the actual league.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Isle of Man TT 2006

Isle of Man TT 2006

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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A good article

A good article on the fact that UEFA do not stand in the way of nations forming their own multi national trophies look a the royal league, and CIS cup in Russia.

uefa do not stand in way of multi National trophies

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cruyff v.s platini - How you remind me

Cruyff v.s platini - How you remind me

Cruyff vs Beckenbauer

Cruyff vs Beckenbauer

Monday, 29 March 2010

Misconceptions about small Football clubs

Misconceptions about small Football clubs
1. No one cares about them
This claim is utter rubbish. The people who support and play for them care about them as much as if not more than Manchester United or Rangers fans care about their clubs. I do not support a small club bit I am intelligent enough to know people who support them support them as passionately as big clubs supporters do.
So when you say who cares about Albion Rovers V Harrogate. Remember the people who support those clubs do. I do not care who win the Europa cup or English FA Cup if my team are not involved. I am not arrogant enough to think the teams involved would not care.
2. They cannot travel long distances
Often well meaning and patronizing people will say that it is a joke for small clubs to travel more than a few 100 miles.
Utter drivel. The supporters of Manchester United, Newcastle United can travel long distances and have work, but still travel. So why can the people playing games not travel long distances These supporters of big clubs enjoy traveling long distances why would small clubs players not enjoy this. They like to travel and test themselves against sides from other places. If they didn't we would just have county leagues. If a fan can enjoy traveling from Newcastle to watch Newcastle play Fulham. Why can a player not enjoy traveling a shorter distance to play a game.
3. Fans of these clubs do not care about games between teams from far away places
No, that is not true. The fans of these clubs like to see their clubs play clubs from other parts of the country just as fans of your club like to see your club play against teams from all over the place. To prove they are the best at that level.
4. You need massive sponsorship deals and TV rights to travel long distances across the UK
No that is no true. Clubs such as Wick and Fort William, play in the Highland league and face often 5 hour journeys. Yet the players still do these games as they get a kick out of testing themselves against teams over a wide region. Why did they join the Highland league if not? You do not need multi million pound contracts to travel up down the UK on a coach. This is not the 19th century travel is relatively easy.
So support the North Britain and Anglo Scottish cup now!
north britain cup
isle of man houses