Wednesday, 24 March 2010

North Britain Cup

North Britain Cup
My other idea added onto the Anglo Scottish cup is the North Britain Cup.
This would involve teams from the Scottish second division, and the Scottish third division, as long as they are not playing in the Anglo Scottish cup. New Anglo Scottish Cup
OK so we know my idea to have a trophy involving the top 20 sides in the Scottish league who have not qualified for Europe, but what about trophies for sides outside of that. I say all the other Scottish league sides could play the teams from
Conference North.This would be a similar level of clubs in attendances and give teams a chance to play sides from other countries. A good adventure for sides.
If top 3 Scottish second division sides were playing in the Great Britain cup, this would leave 17 teams from Scotland in trophy. So that would means 21 sides from Conference North and 17 teams from the Scottish league in the trophy. Now there would a differing number os sides from Scotland each year due to the number of sides in Europe.
But a typical year might see 17 sides from the Scottish league and 21 sides from Conference North. That equals 38 sides.
I would then have a two legged cup tournament.
There would need to be a preliminary round to get down to a final 32, from some of the sides selected by random. Then simple last 32, last 16, quarter final, semi final then a two leg final.
I would have the first 2 rounds (including the preliminary round) as two legged so every team would be guaranteed atleast one home game in the competition. The next 3 rounds would be one leg, with luck of the draw deciding who gets home advantage. The final a two leg final. This is because the final cannot be played at just one teams home ground but it would tough to choose a neutral venue, for teams 100's of miles from eachother.
Preliminary round two legs
Last 32 Two legs
Last 16 One leg
Quarter final one leg
Semi final One leg
Final two legs.
If you play every round you would play 9 games.
I would also support a south Britain cup played by teams from Welsh league that did not qualify for Europe and teams in the Southern Conference.