Thursday, 18 March 2010

Alex Ferguson to manage Real Madrid

Alex Ferguson to manage Real Madrid
My big prediction is this.
1. After all the rumours are Real are looking for a new manager.
2. Fergie is having to cope with big debts at the end of his career at Man Utd.
3. Wayne Rooney is being targeted by Real.
4. Ronaldo is already at Real.
And most importantly
5. Real Madrid need a manager who can bring both success and attacking football style, with an ability to handle top players.

Well who better than Alex Fergie?
He has already won more league titles, FA Cups, and League Cups than any other manager in English football.
Why spend the last few years of his career at the great club, when they do look like they could have a bit of trough, when he could go to another club who look like they are just on the cusp of domination?
People say Jose Mourinho will be the next Real Manager. I like Mourinho but he plays a more tactical game, than Real fans tend to like. Just like Capello, who won a title and was moved on. Capello is a genius, but is he right for Real?
Arsene Wenger is stuck too Arsenal, the former Madrid manager
Vicente del Bosque, who now manages Spain could be good option too as she can provide style and success. Josef "Jupp" Heynckes could be another target.

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