Thursday, 18 February 2010

We need to cut our obbsession with football

I like football I am obsessed by it. It is like painful drug to me.
My teams Aberdeen and Scotland are doing rubbish right now so it is like a seriously agonizing painful drug.
But I cannot escape this.
Yet in my view the media should cut their interest in football.
If you looked at the sports sections of our papers you would think that the only sports in the world was football.
We should raise the profile of other sports. Football sides that do not go up high up the divisions should be punished with little media coverage.
The sports section of a paper should have no more than 40% at most about football except on cup final days in each country and world cup matches. But an average week should have rugby union, rugby league, ice hockey, baseball etc:
More sports should be reported on such as motor racing etc:
Take Scotland we should have more teams in other sports rather than 20 pro sides in football. It does not do us any good having so many pro football sides. It just spreads the resources more thinly.
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