Saturday, 20 February 2010

16, 18, 20 team league would not make a difference.

Why is it all we ever hear about in terms of reform in Scottish football.
IS the two most tedious ideas?
These are ;
1. Changing the premier to 16, 18, 20 teams.
2. Celtic and Rangers joining the English league

I have been over point 2 that is it disgraceful traitors idea to destroy Scottish football. But my issue with idea 1 of explaining the premier league is that it is pointless ideas.

Expanding the premier to 16, 18 or 20 teams is waste of time.
Let me say I do not care if the premier is 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 teams. What I would say is that it would not have any impact on Scottish football quality if we did such a thing of expanding the league. It is s pointless idea.
I am fed up with every time Scottish football fails some people immediately say oh expand the league to 16, 18 2o teams and this would magically transform Scottish football. Why?
It would have no impact at all. We had a 10 team league in 80s when we qualified for world cups. In fact our most successful spell of world cup qualification 5 in row. From 1974 to 1990. 4 of them happened when we had a 10 or 12 team league. We also had Aberdeen and Dundee United challenging and winning titles. We had Aberdeen winning A European trophy. So what evidence is that expanding or contracting the number of teams in the league makes any difference. All this is that small sides are desperate to play in the premier sop put forward the 16, 18, 20 team idea as if it is the panacea to every problem in Scottish football when it is nothing to do with anything. It is like a euro skeptic who turns every political debate back to the EU, because they are so obsessed with the issue,as if it has anything to do with what we are talking about.
Would expanding the league make our league more money?
No. How would adding small sides in towns of 20,00 to 40,000 people to the league add any more TV money.
Would increasing the size of the league make out players better?
No. Why wold it? How does playing small sides from the first division make the players any better than playing better sides int her SPL?

The only affects would be.
A. Celtic and Rangers and other Scottish clubs in Europe would have even less money, and would be even less likely to do anything in Europe.
B. Small sides would have more of the TV money. But so what. If take that attitude why do not we share all the premier teams gate receipts and revenue with non league teams in Scotland and then we can do EVEN worse in European football.
C. Other teams get to play Rangers and Celtic
What expanding league would not have any impact on is.
A) The quality of football. Why would having team that struggle to get 3,000 to 4,000 at their home games improve the standard the league.
B) Style of football. One argument put forward is having more teams would make the league m ore open well look at league one and league two ion England which have more than 2-0 sides and have far more turgid style of football because there are low quality leagues,. Inviting worse teams into the league increases the chances that the league would be even more turgid.

I support Inverness but I do not see why we need to expand the league if we are not good enough to be in the premier fair enough. I do not see why we have to expand the size of the league to pretend we are better than we are.
It is just a selfish reaction of opportunistic clubs wanting to expand the league so they can get some of the TV money.
I would rather me give more resources to the top clubs. I do not mean Rangers and Celtic. I mean the ambitious clubs. As the only way our clubs can compete in Europe is if we concentrate our best players in the top clubs that play in Europe.
What would you have have, We share Scottish football resources out more evenly so that our elites clubs are worse and do rubbish in Europe.
2. We concentrate resources int he elite clubs so our clubs do better in Europe that is what they do in rugby they have concentrated the resources and elite clubs so the clubs do OK.

If anything we have too many professional soccer sides in Scotland.
Spreading the resources of Scottish football may sound a good idea, but it will just mean the elite clubs do worse and we as a country have worse record in Europe.

A 16, 18, 20 team league


So the choice is
1. Do you want the league to be more equal, but with rubbish performances in Europe.
2. Do you want us to win in Europe but with a system where all the clubs can strive and be ambitious not just the old firm.
Look do not tell me all I care about it the old firm. I do not want them to join the English league. I want them to do well in Europe just as I want all Scottish clubs to do. But I think we should make sure our clubs in Europe have more resources. Sharing the TV revenue with more clubs is just going to make our clubs even worse.
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