Saturday, 13 February 2010

Scotland should cut down on obbesseion with football.

We should cut down on football as a nation, as a national sport. The record of Scotland at football is abysmal, when you consider the facts. Despite being more obsessed with football than virtually any other nation and we helped push the sport forward, we were one of the first two nations to play international football, yet incredibly our reward for this in official international football consists of Qualifying for 8 world cups none of which we got past the first round in, this is statistically ridiculous. In club tournaments despite Celtic and Rangers being massive clubs we have won just 3 trophies. Less than the individual display of single clubs sides like Ajax, Porto, Liverpool, and Manchester United.

In fact the gods of football decided that our first game in the world cup tournament would be a 7-0 defeat to Uruguay, the sort of result a very very poor San Marino team would get. This from the nation that played the first international game. The game seems to be a cruel joke on our nation, utterly gut wrenching, poverty of results, and achievements.

I hate the game now.

Defeats in world cups to teams like Costa Rica, Peru, Morocco, draws with Iran and Norway in world cups, 7-0, 4-1, 3-0 defeats in trophy. The whole sport is a cruel, cruel joke. It will just get worse.

England will be the biggest country in Europe soon in terms of population, we will be a backwater obsessed with a sport that our nearest rivals will win and win again at, and that we will do nothing except waste tones of misery on.

I hate football. It is waste of time, we are obviously not genetically predisposed for the sport compared to other nations.

Look at displays like Croatia, even the Irish managed to get to a world cup consisting of English rejects, where is the justice in that. We are obsessed with the sport and get nowhere the Irish barely care about the sport get a bunch of English rejects, and an average English boss, with clod hopper tactics, and reach the quarter finals in 1990. Even With Alex Ferguson in 1986 we got 1 point in a group. The whole sport is a cruel cruel nasty joke.

It honestly is the worst sport in the world.

I loved playing football growing up, but we have done well at other sports, but not football considering what we put into it. From an evolutionary perspective what is the point in being a fan of a sport you are rubbish at.

From an evolutionary perspective it is like saying OK so animal A can fly and can fight best in the air, Animal b can swim and can fight best in the water. This is like saying animal A decides to fight animal b in the water. It will just get killed for it's stupidity.

Us making football out national sport is like that, evolutionary stupidity.

Even the English are pretty poor at the sport they only won one world cup by cheating at home, but the big wigs in football did them, a favour and let them win a cup, we will never get a break like that in this horrible, horrible awful sickening miserable game. But England are such a big nation now in terms of population they will always have a chance, and their fans base for their club sides is so big they will dominate European trophies, while we just sit their getting walloped.

The big countries in Europe get to keep all their TV revenue in European cup football, Which is pretty unfair as Why should Manchester United get all the English TV money when the game is held in Slovakia, that does not happen in cup matches in England If Man Utd play Ipswich in the FA cup in Ipswich they do not give all the Man Utd audience money to Man Utd. No wonder big countries dominate the game, even when English or German sides play in another country in the European cup all the tv revenue goes to the German or English side. The whole game is structured to be unfair

I hate football it is a horrible, horrible sport in terms of results.

It is getting worse and worse and worse. English clubs dominate Europe, Scottish clubs becomes backwaters despite the fact that actually per capita we put more into the sport, than any other nation. Who ever the god of football is it certainly someone who decided to place Scotland way down the list on terms of potential, with little cruel mind games to build us up then crush us. One minute we France home and away but we still don't qualify. In 1954, one minute we beat Spain then lose 7-0 to Uruguay.

I mean this can't we find another sport analyze what we would be good at as a people, a sport that we helped create and have a good historical record to fall back on and be proud of.

The most gut wrenching record is out bizarre display in world cups. We invented the sport and yet decided not to play in the first 4 world cups, then when we did got bizarre results, that make no sense considering we lose 7-0 to Uruguay. Look we had beaten Spain qualifying for the tournament a team who took their players from Real Madrid the world's best club, in an era when clubs sides determined your national side,. Sp we beat a great side like Spain, at the time. So we had a strong team. Yet then bang here you go total humiliation for you in your first match in the world cup. An illogical bizarre result, that made no sense, expect if the gods of football have a dislike of Scotland with a desperate desire to hurt us.

Another thing that gets me is that virtually every single big English side has won at least one European trophy, even teams like Man City, Everton, Newcastle Utd, Leeds Utd, Tottenham, Aston Villa, that barely get a chance to play in Europe. Yet all our big two sides can do is one trophy each despite playing virtually every single year in Europe. I mean Aston Villa won a European cup and they only got one league title in the modern era, Man City won a European trophy when they barely qualified for Europe ever. I can just about take Notts forest winning two European cups when they have only won one English league title, and Ipswich all big countries can produce some great sides but statistically where is the logic in virtually every single big English side , with mediocre managers, wining at least on European trophy. It makes a mockery of the fact the old firm have one European trophy each in all those years. They should have won atleast 3 or 4 each, on that basis OK the European cup was impressive but that's it one big trophy in all that time for Celtic. While even West Ham Utd won one, and they barely play in Europe.

I think we should just say get lost of to football go away get some other nation to love you, You piece of dung, you have treated us like a piece of dung, with your mind games, brutal humiliations and gut wrenching failure.

It is not as if we are poor at sport. We have had world champions in individual snooker, team snooker, formula one, team golf, majors in golf, rally driving. Look at our display in rugby an almost mirror image of football on the international stage. We were the first nation to play an international game at that sport too. It took longer for a world cup to start in that sport yet despite that we have qualified past the group stages in every world cup, and even reached fourth place in one tournament despite not even being bothered with the sport as a nation. In American football the Scottish claymores won the world bowl. In tennis we have had a US open runner up last year. Other sports have rewarded us with as much and even more than we deserve. Soccer has been a total nightmare, an awful nasty game.

The rugby gods seem to treat Scotland with respect, the soccer gods seem to mock us like idiots, pushing us down and down every year. It seems to get worse and worse, the gods of football seem to play how far can we push them. Like some ruthless evil torturer.

Honestly if football got expelled from history, our national reputation as a sporting nation would be better not worse, which just shows how football has treated us as a sport, considering we helped invent the sport.

Also football players get bizarre sickengly large wages that beggar belief, another reason to hate football.

My steps would be let's follow rugby, or ice hockey, or hockey or volleyball, or rugby league, or some other sports.

Instead of every small town in Scotland having a pro football side, we should have different sports for each town, or each region. Greenock could support an ice hockey team, Ayr a volleyball side, Kirkcaldy a rugby league side, Edinburgh could get behind their rugby union side, and make them one of the biggest in the world. Dundee could get behind a hockey side. Perth could get behind a pro Gaelic games side. Then we could follow other sports.

Do we need a national sport? We could try lots of different ones and pick and choose and do ok at all of them, rather than putting all our eggs in a basket which seems to smash every time.

The only sport I hate more than football for out national sporting reputation, is cricket in what it has done for Scotland. The English decided that we would play virtually as a county of England. It was some bizarre sport where England decided they represented the whole of the UK. In fact we did not even get that honor, of being treated as English country, no Scottish side played in the county league, until recently, with our best players playing for England we did not even have a real national side until recently, by which time we are once again way behind other nations to make any real impression ever on the sport. Another sport where offically we look like some backwater nation that only took up the sport recently when we one of the first nations to play it. So I hate cricket even more than football. I hope cricket dies out too. I really mean it football is an awful awful sport for our national record. It is a pity it is such fun to play I have devoted so much of my life’s emotional and intellectual energy to the game but in the end it is a horror story which just seems to produce misery results. I just have a growing intense feeling the gods of football are Scot haters. Who decided ok lets help them, invent a sport they will be rubbish at, and encourage them to be obsessed with it.

The sports that makes Scotland look OK in terms of our record are rugby, Snooker, Formula one, Rally driving, cycling, Golf, squash. With honorable mentions for our record in rugby league where we get a bunch of English rejects and do pretty well, considering no one plays the sport. So the English have been kind to us there in giving us a fake good record at the sport. So I am not taking this out on England. I am not blaming England for our record at football either. The English soccer authorities were pretty good to Scotland in the early years they did not decided to quash us as a nation like cricket did and they happened us with Wembley annual matches. But let’s be honest England has a pretty poor record as a nation at football that has been a relief for us, but imagine if we lose that. The sport will be utter agony then, utter utter uncontrollable agony.

My ideas with football are give up the damn sport, join up with some other country let their record do well for us and take up other sports instead as far as club and national sport goes. I really hate the gods of football. My message to them is you have goaded us and bullied us for too long, go away, you are no longer our national sport.

My plan is

We should diversify small Scottish towns should become dominate at one sport rather than football.

In Wales Llanelli is a good rugby town, that should be an example for our towns, concentrate on a sport other than soccer make a name for yourself big time.

I want to see small Scottish towns turning over to certain sports such as

One could play rugby union

One could play rugby league

one could play curling,

one could play volleyball

one could play netball

one could play ice hockey

one could play archery

one could play field hockey

one could play water polo

one could play gaelic football

one could play hurling

one could play baseball

one could play American football

one could play shinty as many do already.

The scottish government could subsidize the pro teams in different sports in these areas. Regions could turn over to certain sports like the borders does rugby.
Imagine if we had teams in the gaelic football it would be fun to see them, and we could watch with no expectation..
At present we put 80% in to soccer, 18% into rugby and about 2% into other sports,. Lets cut our interest in football in half. It is a horrible horrible sport in what it has given us back.
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