Sunday, 14 February 2010

An examination of the eras of non old firm domination in Scottish league reasons why

An examination of the eras of non old firm domination in Scottish league reasons why?
Between 1970 and 1996 Aberdeen won 3 league titles, 6 Scottish cups, and 4 league cups, and the cup winners cup and a super cup.
This almost alone has made Aberdeen the third biggest trophy winning team in Scotland.
Outside of the era Aberdeen won one title, a Scottish cup, and 1 league cup.
Which would put them level with the likes of East Fife.
Equally Hearts won only two titles in the 20th century, and Hibs have not won a Scottish cup since the 1900s. Why would these 3 clubs that are obviously the 3rd, 4th and 5tgh bi clubs have such a poor record of non trophy wining eras?
While Celtic and Rangers barely go a couple of years without winning.
What accounts for the short period of domination years of Hearts, Aberdeen and Hibs dominance and why so many failures?
For Aberdeen the explanation could be is that football was stronger in the Industrial revolution areas, and Aberdeen was up in the north east. Two of the worst results for Scottish football were for Aberdeen teams 36-0 and 35-0, Aberdeen were only founded in 1903 and failed to win a trophy til after WW2.
Perhaps not only did WW1, and WW2 damage British football compared to other nations, but the social dislocation harmed the industrial revolution also harmed industrial heartlands and it also saw Aberdeen starting to win trophies. After WW2 Hibs had their only great era with 3 titles, as too in the fifties and early 60s Hearts had a small era of two league titles and Dundee and Kilmarnock had a small era,of one title each, while Celtic had a terrible era with only one trophy between WW2 and 1966. Equally the area of Motherwell won a league title before the 1940s but won none after.
So perhaps post WW2 Scotland industrial areas were in decline, but Rangers and Celtic got their act together but then the oil boom helped Aberdeen and then saw Aberdeen develop their own era where other than Queens Park Aberdeen had the only non old firm dominant era.
The most astonishing lack of trophies is for Edinburgh, not Aberdeen or Dundee as they have had some good eras of trophy winning.
What is astonishing is the lack of trophies for Hearts and Hibs considering they had good teams in the 19C.
What on earth lies at the route of the lack of Hearts and Hibs lack of trophy wins considering they won trophies in the 19C and early 20C. Considering they had claims as the 3rd and 4th teams in Scotland until the 80s. When Aberdeen took over and took their place in trophy wins. Well maybe it was that Edinburgh is not such an industrial era while in the 20s and 30s Glasgow produced Motherwell and Airdrie and Clyde to win trophies. East Fife and Dunfermline and Raith Rovers showed an industrial era winning trophies.

So maybe the main reason is that Hearts and Hibs have not won trophies is because of the lack of industrial region.
So the more industrial places won more trophies. Fife, Glasgow West of Scotland.
The greatest gap in trophy win is Hearts 60s to 90s. The explanation for that would be Aberdeen and Dundee United did so well. While Rangers and Celtic were still strong.
But if you look at Scottish football history there is some correlation between size of club and support of team and trophy wins in terms of history.
But the anomaly is how come Rangers and Celtic have been so dominant in Scottish football. Well it must be that Glasgow is the biggest city, and there success and rivalry breed more support and a deep base for support than any other place. Glasgow was well over double the size of Edinburgh in the early 20c.
And today their history of success has established them as the two super teams of Scottish football just as much as the success of Hibs and Hearts have established them as the two super teams of Edinburgh.
The only time Hearts and Hibs did well in winning league titles was just after WW2, and the 1900s and 19C.
Perhaps this astonishing anomaly of the lack of trophy wins for the two large Edinburgh teams can be explained by the enormity of the Rangers and Celtic in Scottish football. Because of the enormity of the population of Glasgow and West of Scotland compared to the rest of the country and the deep rivalry and working class nature of the region.
Perhaps it is only when seeing the anomaly of Aberdeen in the 70s, 80s and 90s that lack of trophies for Edinburgh seems odd. The explanation could be that industrial Scotland after WW2 was in decline while Aberdeen was growing in an oil boom but then again what about Dundee not famed for any advantages of the oil boom and was itself was quite industrial.
So why did Dundee succeed with their trophy eras. I would say Dundee FC won their trophy in the era when Celtic were not up to much. As too in the era when Hearts and Aberdeen won in the fifties and early sixties. Then Celtic go their act together I was say it was WW2 that struck Celtic down.
Why did Dundee United succeed in two league cups one title, and UEFA cup final. Perhaps it was because it was an era of Scottish decline across Scotland and this to some extent affected Edinburgh even if it was not that industrial it affected the West of Scotland including Glasgow.
But anyhow Dundee United's era was in the same eras Aberdeen. Maybe they got a knock on from the oil boom too.
If you look at Aberdeen and Dundee United in the eighties they had the same strategy both had young managers who brought through their own young talent.
The 1995 - 2010 era has seen Aberdeen and Dundee United in the top rank of Scottish football but the only teams to win trophies are Hearts 2 cups Hibs 1 league cup Livingstone 1 league cup and Kilmarnock 1 Scottish cup this was the most dominant era for Scottish football for the Old firm why this the Taylor report, the Bosman report and the increasing fiance aspect of football.
Maybe it was the capital city clubs of Edinburgh are now doing well because of the increasing importance of the capital in Scottish life my prediction is that Edinburgh may return to be a trophy winning region.
While the new firm may keep apace.
So maybe a big 6 has develped in Scottish football with Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Celtic Rangers, Dundee Utd. This was not so much the case in the past. Because the dislocating effects of the Bosman and Taylor reforms, have been warned off, and coped with, so now these clubs have sorted out and are using commercialization to be where they are aswell.