Saturday, 13 February 2010

Small teams are real test

Any team can do well on big money. Any country can do well when it has a large population. But what about sides that did well without money, and low populations that is the real test of a region and side's ability at soccer.
Who cares if Man City win tones of titles on the back of some rich guys millions.
What does that say about Man City? nothing
Who cares if Brazil have won 4 world cups when they are far bigger than any other football nation?
What does it say about a small town or city winning trophy after trophy on no money.
The most successful teams in British football are
1. Nottingham Forest
2. Aberdeen
3. Ipswich
4. Dundee United

The most successful international slides are
1. Uruguay.
2. Croatia
3. Denmark
4. Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic

The most overrated achievements
Real Madrid and Brazil
Wow clubs with lots of money and countries with lots of people win lots of football trophies who cares?