Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cut the league in half in number of games

We need to cut the number of games in the SPL in half and have other trophies
The league is getting more and more tedious, and people are turning to the English league. We all know the results after 22 matches. Cut it down to 22 then play other trophies such as
1. A european super league with other countries such as Holland, Belgium, Portugal - Which all socttish sides can qualify for
For the other sides that do not qualify make up the loss of matches with
1. Bring back Group stages of the league cup = 8 matches - Groups of five with two clubs and best third place teams through to next round.
2. Bring back Anglo scottish cup 6 match group stage
3. Bring back Tennents sixes worth 2 matches

I would find this more enjoyable it would re liven Scottish football with opportunities for our side to qualify for a premier league style European super league and play other trophies.
And more trophies to win.

Can you take any more years of the tedium we have had a for the last 10 years?
It will just get worse.
Every year the same thing happens.
1. Old firm say they hate scottish football
2. Old firm run away with league.
3. Old firm apply to join English league but turned down
4. Old firm knocked out of Europe before Christmas
5. old firm run away with league
6. Old firm apply to join English league but turned down
7. Old firm win league

If we created a European super league cut down the number of games in the league by half, we could get an answer to all these problems.
We could have Vienna playing Celtic. for European titles.